★ Unlock and Decrypt Password Protected PDF files with PDFKey for Mac OSX

Posted on June 26, 2011


Unlock, Decrypt, Recover PDF Passwords

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PDFKey will unlock, recover and/or decrypt the password/lock mechanism found in PDF files. With a single click, this PDFKey will remove all document copy protection without needing the password.

PDFKey Pro is the best software, that lets you easily recover from lost copying and printing PDF passwords. PDFKey Pro makes an unlocked copy of your PDF, without requiring you to enter a copying or printing password. If your files are protected for viewing, you must supply the password and PDFKey Pro will make a fully unlocked document. PDFs can be processed in bulk, without requiring your intervention.

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  • jerry says:

    PDFKey WILL NOT unlock, recover and/or decrypt the password/lock mechanism for my PDF files.
    I have been ripped off with the advertisement and want my money back!!

    • NightLion says:

      I don’t know what kind of problems you are having with the app, but i’ve personally decrypted many PDFs without a single issue. I don’t work for PDFKey, nor am I affiliated with them. I just write independent reviews, and my review reflects my experiences. If you are having that much of an issue, I would recommend contacting support…

  • joel says:

    i find it can not unlock some kind of pdf files.

    • Steven Hodgin says:

      Hello Joel,

      You can try PDFWARE PDF Unlocker Software, it unlocks owner and user level password. It allows you to remove edit, print, view, extract text restrictions and also remove password protection.

      You may give it a try.

      Best Regards

  • INGRID NGO1 says:

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