★ Adobe Lightroom 4: Top premium presets packs for 2012

Posted on August 31, 2012

Over the last few months, I’ve been testing out some of the various premium filter packages for Lightroom 4.

A note on the Lightroom 4 preset engine:

While initially writing this article, I ran across a few obstacles in trying to use the new Lightroom 4 presets. Mostly, it appeared as though all of the presets were not making any significant changes to the photos. After a few months of experimentation, I finally figured out that the all presets seem to work better with higher quality images. After changing my camera settings from 5 to 9megapixels, (or trying RAW mode), the presets began working flawlessly.

With that hurdle out of the way, I’ve taken the last few months and really gone through a lot of the premium preset packages, and come up with a list of the top presets which I feel are essential to any photo enthusiast or hardcore professional.

Color-Shop Presets

Color shop master suite banner v2

There are a wide variety of Color-shop plugin packages available. I recommend checking out their product page to see which ones fit best. Color-shop also offers plugins bundles at significantly discounted prices. For professionals, the Master Suite is a steal. http://www.color-shop.co/products-page/

Retouching Brushes
Color-Shop has also recently introduced their beauty and retouching brushes for Lightroom 4. I had no idea that you could customize brushes for Lightroom, and once I got to playing with these brushes, I was shocked at how awesome they are. They have really put a lot of time and effort into these brushes. I highly recommend checking them out.

Master Presets Collection products page
Color-Shop effects gallery
Brushes Collection

Color-Shop is offering a special offer to our readers. Save 30% on all preset packs, use this code at checkout: nightlion-colorshop-promo

Kubota Presets

Vintage delish presets

My second choice for great modern photo effect presets are the Kubota plugins. The Vintage Delish plugin pack is my personal favorite. It contains 42 “modern retro” presets. The mini-art collection also contains a lot of very nice presets worth checking out.

For more details including samples and purchasing info, visit Kubota Online

Seim Effects

Seim power workflow banner

For professional photographers, Gavin Seim’s plugins are, hands down, the best choice. The Power Workflow pack is terrific for cleaning up and color correcting your photos.

For more info including samples and purchasing info, visit the Seim Effects Website

Honorable Mention

The following preset packs are also worth checking out:


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