★ Adobe Acrobat XI with EchoSign brings Cloud Document Signing and Management

Posted on April 19, 2013

Adobe Acrobat XI

PDF Editor


Acrobat XI Overview

Have you gotten your hands on Adobe Acrobat XI yet? If you find yourself working with and creating PDF files on a regular basis, the latest version of Adobe Acrobat is well worth a long look. Acrobat XI really beefs up overall performance, especially on a Mac. This new version also comes integrated with Adobe's powerful new electronic signature service called Adobe Echosign — which nothing short of rocks!

Let’s take a quick look at some of our favorite highlights of Adobe Acrobat XI. Then, we’ll follow that up with a more in-depth look at Echosign from Adobe. Believe us, if your business involves a lot of signed paperwork being shuffled around electronically between multiple individuals, then you are going to want to check out Adobe’s electronic signature service.
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The latest version of Adobe Acrobat comes with few noteworthy features that orbit around a single benefit – improving workflow to make your life easier. Here’s some of the new features that do just that.

PDF Editing

Users who design, review and share PDF documents will love the new editing features in Adobe Acrobat XI. The developers really stepped it up when it comes to the new PDF editing tools for text and images.

Password Protect

With editing now more accessible to all team members, you will be glad to know that this new version of Adobe Acrobat features enhanced security options for password protecting documents. The Restrict Editing tool prevents your PDF from being edited, copied or printed without your permission.



A third workflow enhancement from Adobe involves Acrobat’s ability to “play nice” with Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint, Word and Excel. One of the upgrades of this version is that document formatting stays intact when you transform PDF files into PowerPoint presentations.

Adobe EchoSign

Adobe EchoSign Takes the Hassle Out of Electronic Signatures and Document Management

If you are still printing and signing documents and then scanning them and emailing them back to the other party, then Adobe Acrobat’s electronic signature service EchoSign is a no-brainer. Adobe’s EchoSign not only speeds up the process of signing, delivering and receiving documents by leaps and bounds; it also manages all your documents, provides quick access to documents and it certifies deliver of PDF files. We also appreciate the fact that there is no bulky software to download as EchoSign is a 100% on-demand service.


Adobe Acrobat XI EchoSign Highlights

  • Variety of electronic signature options including: hand-drawn, typewritten, image-based and certificate signatures.
  • Document management and storage along with real-time contract status and team performance information.
  • Quickly send documents and request signatures from other parties.
  • Archived contracts and supporting documents stored securely in cloud servers.
  • PDF file delivery certification with Adobe Certified Documents Services Stamp.
  • Adobe Acrobat XI Echo App for iPhone, iTouch and iPad includes all of the regular features of this electronic signature service as well as the ability to host in-person signings.

The addition of this electronic signing cloud service to Adobe Acrobat XI definitely adds to the theme of improving workflow performance which we introduced earlier in the review. Its ease of use, quick learning curve, and Adobe EchoSign for iOS teamed up the tried and true performance of Acrobat make it a must-have for any size business that needs a simple signature or complex contract management service. When you upgrade to Adobe Acrobat XI, you are going to see improved workplace performance and quicker turnaround on creating, sharing and signing documents. This is one upgrade you do not want to miss.

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