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Developing a base WordPress theme with Bootstrap and Flat UI Pro

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One question I get often is whether or not I use a framework when developing websites. The short answer is yet. Until recently I had a few custom HTML, CSS, and WordPress starter files that I would use. Of course, it really depends on the project.

Twitter Bootstrap

I've actually found that using the Twitter Bootstrap goes a very long way when developing sites. It provides a nice framework which can be easily recycled and customized into just about anything. Add to that the fact that most of the responsive work is already done and integrated into the framework, and it really becomes a major time saving effort.


Flat UI Pro
You may or may not have heard about Flat UI Pro. It is a set of web design styles and pre-made elements that you can easily integrate into your project. Flat UI pro comes with all of the HTML / CSS files necessary for quick site integration. It is already based on the bootstrap framework, so you can actually just use the stock files as the foundation for your custom project. If you are only looking to integrate elements or specific styles into your site, you can easily copy/paste the CSS code into your existing code. If you already have an existing site based on bootstrap, you can actually just drop in the Flat UI component files into the same bootstrap folder structure.

Sept-05-2013 Update: FlatUI Pro 1.2 has been relased with BootStrap 3 support

Download Flat UI Pro here




FlatPress is a WordPress theme which brings it all together. The FlatPress will save you the effort of having to manually create a WordPress theme that is integrated with both the Twitter bootstrap framework and the Flat UI Pro elements. Don't let the default style of this theme put you off; it's actually really powerful. When I picked up FlatPress, I envisioned it to be the future foundation for my custom WordPress projects. The first thing I did was gut all of the page styles and layouts that came with the theme. The gave me a completely blank slate with all of the major page components, WordPress addons, icons, etc., all waiting at my disposal.

Download FlatPress here


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