Support Incident Response process flow

24×7 Support Hotline – Call: 877-389-9770

Website and server downtime can damage your reputation, and cost you revenue and customers. Swift action is important to prevent lasting damage to your business and reputation. Our immediate goal will be to identify and contain the threat, and work towards restoring business operations as quickly as possible.

Support Cost

The rate for emergency support is $150/hr, with a 2 hour minimum. A credit card will be required in order to begin working on your issue.

To request emergency support service, please call our 24/7 hotline at 877-389-9770

Website and Application Errors

Root cause error analysis and troubleshooting

Databases become clogged, web apps run slowly, and servers become unresponsive. Finding the true cause of your error can be tricky at best.

Loss of Connectivity or Functionality

Web, DNS, Email, FTP, and other server related issues

Bothered by error messages like ‘500 Internal Server Error'? Email trouble? Can't connect to your website? Non-responsive DNS?

Virus, Malware, and BadWare Removal

Detection, Containment, and Eradication

Was your website caught by Google's malware detector? Are you blacklisted for SPAM? We can help

Server and Control Panel issues

From Plesk and cPanel to Memory and Hardware issues

Control panels can be tricky, especially when working with Apache, and FastCGI. Curvve will optimize your server so it runs the way it was meant to.